Wash Dry Fold

We offer a Wash Dry Fold service to residential and commercial clients. It is a popular service for our community members, business owners and visitors of Asheville.


Drop off your laundry at 1133 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803.

We will weigh your laundry upon arrival. We will ask what day and time you would like to pick up your laundry (same day, next day or 2 day). We will ask about any special requests regarding detergent used, wash cycles, drying temperatures, items air dried, items hung, etc. Then you will leave your laundry in our care. We will take exceptional care of your laundry.


We will sort your laundry. We wash whites, lights and darks separately. We can lightly bleach whites upon request. We can also stain treat on request. We have all popular detergents to choose from including Tide, Gain, All Free and Clear, Dreft and more. We use dryer sheets on all orders. We can use dryer balls on request. Items are immediately taken out of our dryers and perfectly folded, sorted by item and size, and placed in air tight, bio-degradable bags for your convenience. We weigh your order, label your bag(s) and/or hanging items and place it in our office area until you arrive to pick it up.


You will come to pick up your order. You will pay for your order. We accept cash, credit or debt cards. We will be accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay soon. Then you will walk out with all your clean, fresh laundry, ready to go straight into your drawers and closets.


We offer Wash Dry Fold services to local businesses in the area. If your business or organization have laundry needs on a daily, weekly, monthly or as needed basis, please reach out to us. Our phone number is 828-274-4617. Ask to speak with Carl or Chelsea. We are currently doing laundry for event centers, catering businesses, local restaurants, massage and chiropractor offices, owners of Airbnbs and more.